Collaborating with Telkomsel, Amman Mineral Prepared About 500 West Sumbawa Students to Face Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 through Use of Digital Technology

SMKN 1 Maluk Students while Participating in “Study Together with Amman” Activity during Digital Literacy Training

SMKN 1 Maluk Students while Participating in “Study Together with Amman” Activity during Digital Literacy Training

West Sumbawa, November 19, 2019 - Amman Mineral in collaboration with Telkomsel held a digital literacy training session entitled “Bijak dan Pintar Memanfaatkan Media Sosial di Era Industri 4.0 (Be Wise and Smart in Using Social Media in Industrial Era 4.0)” for about 500 students of SMKN 1 Maluk and SMAN 1 Sekongkang in West Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). The “Belajar Bareng Amman (Let’s Study Together)” activity has been carried out several times under the themes suited to the needs of the stakeholders such as the government, journalists, and students.

“The current digital technology development has brought considerable benefits to young people in sharpening their creativity on one hand and has created negative impacts on the other if they are not equipped with adequate knowledge. These facts motivated Amman Mineral to hold a digital literacy training session for senior high school students in West Sumbawa. We hope that the training session and material will inspire the students around the mine area to further develop their creativity with the digital devices they have and be cautious about any potential impacts that might occur,” said Baiq Idayani, Superintendent Media Relations & Special Projects Amman Mineral.

In the training session the participants were informed that lack of digital literacy would make teenagers easily get exposed to negative impacts from the social media and digital devises they have ranging from errors in analyzing information, being addicted to medial social, being victims in the virtual world, and misuse of personal data that may threaten someone’s life. The students were also introduced with a variety of positive ways of self-actualization using the digital device and social media they have and encouraged to create a creative work that may result in economic benefits for themselves such as tips on how to use a smartphone to produce photography and video-making work. The rich tourist and culinary objects existing in the West Sumbawa Regency serve as a potential worth being published by the students through various platforms of media social.

GM External Corporate Communications Telkomsel, Aldin Hasyim, said that “as a company transforming into a digital telco company, we are committed to participate in building the nation by developing a digital ecosystem in Indonesia. Telkomsel makes the best use of its expertise in digital and information technology to make a positive contribution to society through its CSR program. This training is part of Telkomsel CSR pillars, namely Digital Society. The objective of this Telkomsel CSR pillar is for Telkomsel to encourage the use of technology in a positive manner that results in the development of good characters and quality of human resources so that they can make the best use of the internet for productive purposes that support the digital life style of Indonesian society.

“We are grateful for the training provided by Telkomsel and Amman Mineral for our students on the use of digital devices in the industrial revolution era 4.0. This program helps remind the students to be wiser in using the social media in the virtual world. We hope that the educational program like this should be held more often to broaden the knowledge of our students,” said Sirajuddin, S.Pd., MM, Principal of SMKN 1 Maluk, West Sumbawa.

In the meantime, Awaludin, SPd as the Supervisor of SMK present representing the Head of the Education and Culture Office of West Sumbawa expressed his appreciation for the “Belajar Bareng Amman” activity. This is a very positive program and the theme is very relevant with the challenges faced in the industrial revolution era 4.0,” he said.

Still related to the education sector for senior high school students, this year Amman Mineral also initiated a material reinforcement training and SKL (Competency Standard) session for SMA/MA and SMK teachers in the three sub-districts around the mine area. This program was aimed at improving the level of preparedness of the students within the areas around Batu Hijau mine before sitting in the Computer-Based National Exam and admission to reputable universities. In light of this capacity improvement effort, 12 education experts from a reputable learning institution in Indonesia were invited as resource persons.


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