Amman Mineral and LIPI Again Conduct Deep Sea Survey

As a form of Amman Mineral’s continued commitment to high standards of environmental management

 Amman Mineral and LIPI Again Conduct Deep Sea Survey

Benete – West Sumbawa, May 29, 2018 - PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara ("Amman Mineral") together with the Indonesian Institute of Science and Research (LIPI) Jakarta again conducted a Deep-Sea Survey in the south of West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) to demonstrate the company's ongoing commitment to apply high standards of environmental management.

Amman Mineral’s Environmental Manager, Jorina Waworuntu, said that this survey is regularly carried out every five years and has been carried out by the company since 2003. The survey is aimed at mapping the tailing footprint and the impact of placing tailings into the deep-sea floor on marine ecosystems. "This survey is conducted as one of Amman Mineral's commitment to environmental management and protection, specifically tailings management."

The deep-sea environmental study is carried out for approximately three weeks, starting from May 20, 2018 to June 8, 2018. According to Jorina, the data obtained from the survey results will be used to update the deep-sea tailings footprint portrait. "We also conduct this survey to validate predictions as provided in the Environmental Impact Analysis (ANDAL) and fulfill the requirements set forth by requirements and provisions of the laws applicable pursuant to Amman Mineral’s tailings placement permit," he explained.

The public familiarization program regarding the deep-sea environment research was carried out during the Openship event held on May 25 2018 by introducing research infrastructure on the Baruna Jaya VIII Research Ship and providing opportunities for the community and the local governments to see the Baruna Jaya VIII, owned by the Oceanographic Research Center of LIPI (P2O LIPI). During this openship activity, the Head of P2O LIPI was accompanied by a research team from P2O LIPI and the Amman Mineral environment team gave an explanation on the Deep-Sea Survey activities to observers from the Regional Government of West Sumbawa Regency, including the Department of Marine and Fishery Affairs and the Environment Office, District Administration and Heads of the Villages around the mine, Cordova University and Mataram University.

This year the research will be carried out in 63 monitoring stations with depths of > 4000 m and the + 66 nautical miles or 120 km off the coast. Research activities include measurement of bathymetry, current, seawater quality, seawater column profiles, chemistry and geology of sediments, plankton, benthos, etc.


On PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara

Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (AMNT) is an Indonesian mining company operating the Batu Hijau mine. AMNT has several other promising prospects in copper and gold concession areas located in West Sumbawa Regency, Nusa Tenggara Province. Batu Hijau is the second largest copper and gold mine in Indonesia and is a world-class asset.

The shareholders of PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara are PT Amman Mineral International (82.2%) and PT Pukuafu Indah (17.8%). PT Amman Mineral Internasional is an Indonesian company whose shareholders consist of PT AP Investment (50%) and PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk (50%)

Amman Mineral has received the Adhitama Trophy award 3 times for its Mining Environmental Management from 2013 to 2015, the Gold Certificate award for five consecutive years in the category of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management and the PROPER Green award for 7 times and the PROPER Blue award for 6 times from the Ministry of Environment.

Amman Mineral has also received an award in the category of The Best Practices in Mineral Distribution for a prestigious ASEAN-level mining award event held by the Secretariat of ASEAN during ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Minerals in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar on 30 November 2017.


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